How do I paint with ecocoat?

To ensure proper adhesion of EcoCoat paint, you must be sure the surface is properly prepared. On bare drywall, stucco, block or vertical concrete, ensure the surface is clear of dust and other contaminants. On previously painted drywall, wood, or another properly primed surface, repair any holes or other deficiencies, soft sand surfaces to be painted and ensure the surface is clean and clear of dust and other contaminants, then paint as you would with any other quality latex paint (use a brush, roller or sprayer).

- Lightly sand and clean all surfaces prior to painting
- Stir your paint thoroughly prior to, and during use.
- Purchase sufficient paint from the same batch (see label on pail).
- Touch ups are not recommended when using the same colour from a different batch. Instead, paint the whole wall from corner to corner to minimize any noticeable difference with previously painted surfaces.