EcoCoat Paint

EcoCoat Paint CanEcoCoat paint is a low-luster  recycled paint that combines the benefits of quality primers, sealers, and exterior and interior water-based paints of all gloss levels.   Our paint provides superior coverage on drywall, stucco, vertical concrete and cinder blocks, as well as old and newly primed wood at about half the cost of virgin latex paint.  Now available in 26 colours, EcoCoat paint brings beauty and durability to any project, indoors or out.



Features & Benefits

  • Versatile interior or exterior performance
  • Exceptional adherence to a variety of properly prepared surfaces
  • Superior flow and levelling properties
  • High hiding power, often with one coat
  • Variety of attractive colours
  • Durable low-sheen finish, performs like satin-plus
  • Washable and scrubable after a 30 day cure
  • Resistant to moisture and colour fading
  • Filtered to industry standard for ease of application
  • Up to 50% less cost than a comparable virgin latex
  • May be blended together to create custom colours
  • Accepts after-market paint additives
  • Lab tested for performance
  • Lower VOC levels

Approximate Coverage

Approximate Coverage Square feet per gallon or pail
3.78L can 10L pail 18.9L pail
Drywall New (1st Coat) 300 750 1500
Previously Painted 400 1000 2000
Wood New (1st Coat) 200 500 1000
Previously Painted 300 750 1500
Stucco New (1st Coat) 150 375 750
Previously Painted 200 500 1000
Vertical Concrete New (1st Coat) 250 625 1250
Previously Painted 350 875 1750
Cinder Block New (1st Coat) 100 250 500
Previously Painted 200 500 1000