Environmental Benefits

Depending on the jurisdiction, when paint is left over from a commercial or residential project, the surplus paint is often destroyed, sometimes by hardening the paint and dumping it in a landfill, or incinerating it, thereby releasing pollution into the atmosphere.  Our recycling process makes use of this left-over paint so that it can be used to beautify a surface instead of ending up in the air or a landfill.

Preservation of Resources and Reduction of Environmental Impact

Reduce Waste

Because the raw material for EcoCoat paint is simply paint left over from a previous project, no new ingredients for latex paint have to be manufactured, mined, or chemically processed.  Each can of EcoCoat paint that is purchased means both a smaller environmental footprint for the consumer and the preservation of the earth’s precious natural resources, while not compromising the quality of the product.  Calibre Environmental ensures that almost all of the original paint containers are also sent to metal and plastic recyclers, so these used containers do not end up in a landfill either.

Our 100% recycled paint is the most environmentally-friendly paint you can buy.  Manufacturing new paint (even zero VOC paint) is a complex industrial process with many environmental costs: mining minerals, producing chemical ingredients and transporting raw materials requires 100 kilowatt hours of energy, producing 115 pounds of greenhouse gases, and uses 9 gallons of fresh water for every gallon of paint produced.  Buying recycled paint avoids this negative environmental impact.


As the virgin paint manufacturers reduce their VOCs due to regulations, EcoCoat paint becomes a lower VOC product also.