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What are the benefits of reusing and recycling paint?

  • Conserves energy and other valuable resources.
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emmissions. When using a gallon of recycled paint instead of new paint, about 100 kilowatt hours of energy is saved. This avoids the release of 115 pounds of carbon dioxide that would otherwise be needed to produce that energy.
  • Keeps free-flowing liquids out of solid wase landfills. An estimated 100 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of enery is saved. Recycling paint actually saves more energy per pound than other construction materials, such as steel, glass and lumber. 100 kWh is enough energy to power a refrigerator for two months or a clock for two years. Because of the energy savings, an estimated 115 pounds of carbon ioxide emissions are reduced when recycled paint is used instead of new.
  • Conventional paints are made with highly processed petrochemical ingredients. This complex manufacturing process results in significant energy use and waste products. The production of one gallon of conventional paint is said to result in 10-30 gallons of waste.
  • Gallon of paint takes 13 gallons of water to make.
  • Recycling one gallon of paint could save 13 gallons of water.